WANG Ramen Hot & Spicy Chicken Noodle

1st Make In India, Korean Style Instant Noodle Manufacturer

WANG Ramen Spicy Soupy Instant Noodles Non-Vegetarian

While WANG Ramen was initially created to offer exclusively vegetarian Korean-style ramen noodles, we recently decided to come up with a product that would also cater to those looking to indulge in some classic non-vegetarian ramen. Authentic Korean ramen noodles are best complemented by some kind of protein and WANG Ramen is here to deliver. With a delectable and wholesome soupy base rich with a tasty mix of spices, the Hot & Spicy Chicken Soupy Noodles from WANG Ramen are tailored to satiate the Indian palate like no other.

The amalgamation of spices popularly used in Korean cuisine and those used in Indian cuisine is what renders the WANG Hot & Spicy Chicken soupy ramen noodles authenticity and appeal. Not only is our ramen packed to the brim with mouth-watering flavor, but it is also a filling and healthy meal all by itself, complete with veggies and protein. Be it a quick snack or a wholesome meal, WANG Ramen can come to your rescue.

Whether you choose to top off your bowl of WANG Ramen with eggs or your choice of meat or eat it as is, it will be equally delicious each time – and that’s a promise!

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